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Data Transfer And Interrogation Products For The iSeries

Business entities operate in an increasingly competitive environment where the management, extraction and distribution of information for decision-making is crucial. The business that best controls this information flow can manage its markets more efficiently and gain a performance advantage over its competitors.

We, at Utilities 400, provide a range of products and services designed to efficiently enhance this process. Our solutions combine powerful features with flexibility, reliability with performance and ease of use with rich functionality so even the most complicated tasks can be easily managed and configured.
Utilities 400 provide the following products:

Free your data with automated data delivery from the iSeries to all popular formats. Data is extracted from the database and/or spool files, converted and transformed to the required format (SQL, XML, XML, DOC, PDF and more) and delivered to the end users/database electronically (EDI, FTP, Email and SMS).

Business Intelligence for real-time browser based information analysis with ‘point and click’ intuitive role based dashboard design. Deploy to who you want, when they want with one low cost enterprise license – no expensive ‘per user’ license. Get to the information you need quickly TurboCube; our in-house technology that allows you to ‘refresh’ cubes rather than ‘rebuild’ reducing the load on your server while increasing the speed to access the information you need.

Business Execution for real-time two way transactional processing from IBM i and web browser. Ideal for creating customer/supplier portals or producing custom GUI interfaces for your legacy applications.

Automate data delivery from most popular file and database formats (SQL, XML, XML, TXT, CSV and more) to your IBM i. Data is extracted from any network location, an email attachment or a remote site and delivered to the IBM i. A powerful rules engine allows you to integrate your validation routines within the transfer and transformation process to ensure data integrity.
Automate business processes without modifying existing core business systems. Implement an intelligent approach to work flow using a powerful but simple to use and implement rules based engine. Monitor for exceptions, trigger events and execute programs, ProActive allows you to create, process and manage automation with ease.
Transform your enterprise in minutes using the most advanced one-step web facing modernization solution available for the IBM i. Customise and extend your interface through the integrated ‘drag and drop’ design studio and deliver the best experience for any audience on any device.
Purge legacy records to improve performance. Archive data to IBM i or formats such as SQL, Access or Excel. Run multiple archive processes in tandem without downtime.
Document Management for the IBM i with a central document repository and browser based GUI library system to control and share documents securely and efficiently both on and/or off the IBM i.
Enjoy complete visibility of all your queries. Understand what query was created when, by whom and why and automatically optimise for future use. Save time in managed ERP upgrades through integrated query indexing and reference update.
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